At J Wiley Designs, we work toward a singular goal: client satisfaction. Read on to discover what clients have to say about Jenifer’s creativity, expertise, communication style, eye for design, and so much more.

[message]“Jenifer is a pleasure to work with as she is quick to determine her clientele’s taste and style. She is proficient in narrowing down selections that will appeal to the client. Jenifer is not driven by trends but rather what it timeless and appealing to the style/look of the project. We found her to be very confident and decisive when asked for her input. Jenifer is not shy about suggesting out-of-the-box concepts while all the while staying true to what she feels is right for the project/client. We highly recommend Jenifer to anyone seeking design consultation. She will share with you her expertise and educated eye in making your design dreams a reality!”
– Nancy Dunn – May, 2019[/message]

[message]“After identifying professionals who were trained in bath and kitchen design and reading (too many) reviews on Houzz, we called on Jenifer Wiley to design our master bathroom.  My priorities, I told this teensy blonde dynamo, were 1) function, 2) function, 3) function, and 4) beautiful.  She said, “No problem—we’ll get Numbers 1, 2, and 3 done right and Number 4 will flow out of that.”  And it did. After settling on a design, Jenifer and I went shopping.  Her process, she said, was to start with the stone for the countertops and let the rest of the choices emerge from that pick.  Every time I panicked—“This (countertop, tile, paint, whatever) isn’t going to work!” —Jenifer reassured me that it would.  She is also a patient teacher—when I wanted an opaque shower glass, for instance, she brought several samples of glass, explained the pros and cons of each, and then left me alone to see for myself why a clear glass would be a better choice.  Other issues required creative solutions, of which Jenifer was fearless.  For example, while the space isn’t tiny, the new water closet and enlarged opening to the bedroom made it difficult to situate the doors.  Jenifer suggested using sliding barn-type doors, done in a more contemporary style.  They work perfectly.  To wrap up, we have zero regrets about hiring Jenifer Wiley to design our bathroom.  The end result exceeded our expectations.  As soon as we build our savings back up, we’ll be getting back on her schedule to create a functional and beautiful new kitchen.”
– David & Malinda Hicks – April, 2019[/message]

[message]“Jenifer was a fantastic help in the redesign of our house!  Neither my wife nor I had ever done any type of renovation before, but from our very first consultation, Jenifer made us feel comfortable.  She openly listened to all of our concerns and questions and guided us to a design that worked best for us.  She was always there with fresh ideas, but never forced us in a direction we did not want to go.  I can say without a doubt that without that our renovation would not have turned out as well as it did without Jenifer and her team.  I seriously cannot recommend J. Wiley Designs enough!”
– Blake & Garrett Wilson, March 2019[/message]

[message]”Working with Jenifer Wiley is a delightful experience. When we renovated the kitchen in our downtown Dallas condo, she listened to our ideas and then used her creativity to design a space that was even better than we could have imagined!  Her attitude was consistently cheerful and professional. We look forward to working with Jenifer in the future.” – Jana and Roger Jackson, November 2018[/message]

[message]J Wiley Designs was recommended to me by my contractors and from our initial meeting I knew our association would be a great match. Jenifer listened to what I envisioned the spaces to look like and then guided me to the vendors and resources that would fulfill this look. Jenifer and her team were professional, fun and delightful to work with!
The project felt like friends working together. I would recommend J Wiley Designs to anyone wishing to move from decorating dreams to reality.Karen Jackson – October 2018[/message]

[message]I started working with Jenifer 2 years ago for a 3 phase renovation of my home.  We just completed our last phase and our home is transformed. From the beginning Jenifer was easy to work with and I explained what look I wanted my house to have in the end, and she guided me through the whole process and my home looks better than I could have imagined. She gave input that was instrumental to the transformation. She is available and flexible.  Her staff is friendly and always on time for an appointment. I would highly recommend the J Wiley Design team. – Denise Bannister – October 2018[/message]

[message]-I had never done a renovation before and didn’t know where to start. So, I sent out emails to friends asking for any recommendations. I received three replies recommending Jenifer Wiley.  I contacted Jenifer and set up a meeting.

I couldn’t have been more pleased! She understood exactly what I wanted and guided me through the entire process. She always steered me in the right direction to ensure that all the choices or granite, tiles, colors, hardware etc. where all appropriately matched.  I was thrilled at how well the renovation went and I am totally thrilled with the outcome. My kitchen and master bath are simply gorgeous! ~ Suzie M. from Plano [/message]

[message]-Jenifer Wiley is the real deal…We came upon her quite by accident when a neighbor’s designer was too busy to consult with us. We were referred to Jenifer and because of that I am eternally grateful! What started out as removing a wall in the kitchen to create an open concept became an entire first floor renovation as well as the addition of an outdoor porch with fire place. From the beginning, Jenifer showed excitement about our plans. Never having taken on such a project before, we were cautious and nervous. Jenifer was patient with us and informing. She was engaging and thorough. She worked well with our architect and our contractor. She is knowledgeable about every aspect of her job and has a huge community of professionals from which to consult if there was ever a question she could not answer. She was extremely helpful in guiding us to make design choices that complemented one another. Jenifer was able to take 7 years of magazine clippings and create an unbelievable finished product that is functional yet elegant and timeless. Jenifer controlled the entire finish out aspect of the renovation from top to bottom in our home— from cabinetry, appliances, door hardware, light fixtures, plumbing and paint/stain colors to furniture fabric and flooring. However, with the good comes the bad…The bad being now we never want to leave our home and we don’t get to see Jenifer as often! ~ Bridget[/message]

[message]-If you are looking for an interior designer you can stop here! Jennifer Wiley Designs far exceeded our expectations in every way. We described what we were looking for and within minutes she had a look in mind that we would have never executed. Her ideas were original, fresh, and exactly what we were looking for. She is easy to work with and full of energy! On numerous occasions we told her we wanted to step out and give her full freedom to make decisions. Her choice in paint colors, tile, cabinets and color to her detail in counters, window coverings, and fixtures were flawless and elegant! Our only frustration is that we didn’t find her earlier in our renovation. We have recommended her to multiple friends and would definitely use her again! ~Todd A[/message]

[message]-Jenifer did more than help us create our dream house. She worked through problems with subcontractors (no job too big or small for her attention!), when we were just clueless. She’s got beautiful taste but doesn’t ever overstep on what you want. I’d use her for everything in the future. ~Theresa[/message]

[message]-Jenifer helped us to remodel our home which was a major project that required us to move out for 6 months. She helped us in every aspect of the remodel from replacing flooring in the entire first floor to a complete revamp of the kitchen, family room, dining room, formal living room, 1 bedroom, a study, 4 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms. She showed great attention to detail and the final product proves that. We could not be happier with how our home turned out. Just as important, she made the process fun and easy. My husband and I are both busy professionals and we could not have undertaken such a huge task without someone to guide us every step of the way. Jenifer made decision making so easy for us given our time constraints. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to all my friends and colleagues. Jaffee[/message]

[message]-Jenifer helped me with two of my houses! It’s so hard to pick stuff out when you like a million different things & I needed help big time. That’s when I called Jenifer & she was absolutely amazing to work with!!! She helped me pick out flooring, granite, fixtures, paint color, back splash & some bedroom furniture. She was always quick to respond with any questions I had. Jenifer is so good at what she does & you can tell that she loves doing what she does!!! I will never call anyone else for my designing needs ~ I highly recommend her!!! ~ Christy[/message]

[message]-My wife and I had remodeled 2 other homes prior to our most recent. We were our own designers for the prior remodels with me doing the lighter work and subcontracting out what was beyond my comfort level. However, the most recent remodel was going to be more extensive. It was a 30 year old house that had had very little updating. Also, this remodel needed to be done all at once as opposed to our previous piecemeal approach. This house was a new purchase and my wife and two children were living in a hotel room awaiting the completion. For this reason we felt like we needed someone to come in and draw up plans and give us some guidance. Furthermore, to keep piece in the marriage we needed someone to arbitrate our disagreements which we were sure were to come.

Hiring an interior designer was done with a great deal of trepidation as my wife is far from the stereotypical north Dallas soccer mom in that she is not very concerned with impressing the neighbors and being a physical therapist for 25 years, is very concerned about good ergonomic design. We envisioned an interior designer as a middle aged woman with blue hair and impeccably manicured nails who would come to our home and attempt to shame us into her vision of what our home should be. Jennifer could not have been further from this vision.

Jennifer is a slight blonde-haired, blue-eyed Texas girl and that is as about as close as she came to our vision of the interior designer. Jennifer was all business from the moment she picked up the phone. My wife and her – much to my surprise – hit It off fabulously. She listened to what our vision was and made suggestions regarding things that we didn’t think off. We rejected some of her ideas and she gently coaxed us out of making some bad decisions. She educated my wife on paint color selection (long a contentious area of the home improvement process for us). When we ran out of money and time (we were living in a hotel for the two-month renovation). She took the time to draft a plan for tackling other projects and helped us get a list together.  Since the renovation has been completed she has went on shopping trips with us to complete the decoration of our house.  We consider Jennifer as a part of our family and when my wife and I can’t agree on piece of furniture or what to with “that space…, that wall…,” etc., we inevitably call Jennifer to be the mediate.  While we were hesitant to pay someone for something we thought we could do (which we couldn’t) we feel strongly that the money spent on Jennifer’s service were well worth it for the decreased stress AND I certainly think that having her on board ending up saving us money because she knows where the best deals are in town and has insight as where we should spend less and where we should spend more.  It has been more than two years since the completion of the renovation and we still find ourselves standing in our kitchen, looking at each other, and saying, “man I love this kitchen.” ~ SWTobias [/message]

[message]-I started a kitchen remodel without a designer and made a series of poor choices that I wish I could undo. Most costly was a dated cabinet color. I consulted Jenifer to help me choose a floor and backsplash that would somehow pull everything together and avoid making more of my own mistakes. I should have called her from the beginning. She was patient, responsive, listened to my needs and budget, and saved me some $ in the long run. I wish I had started with a designer, and would definitely work with Jenifer again. ~ Meagan[/message]

[message]-I have used Jenifer for several projects over the past two years – one was a large master bathroom remodel. The other projects have been smaller design projects. Jenifer is very knowledgeable regarding design, materials, resources, etc. She brought a great deal of experience to the bathroom remodel and it was completed on budget and within schedule. She was able to connect the various aspects of the project together and provide me with access to vendors and materials that provided a very high-end result. ~Rock[/message]

[message]-Jenifer is extremely talented in designing a beautiful project that exceeded the client’s expectations while staying within their budget. Her design is timeless. and from a construction standpoint was easy to execute. She made the client feel comfortable as she guided them through the design and was always there to help with any changes as they arose. I will continue to hire Jenifer to elevate my projects to stand out from the crowd. ~ Chris[/message]